Development of Ember 1.x for Mac was discontinued 2016

Ember 1.8.5 is available to download from here:

The Ember Safari Extension is not supported at this time.

You can use the following license number to activate Ember:


If you want to use Ember we recommend using a local library only. Do not use Dropbox Sync or iCloud.

Mac App Store & iCloud

If you need to download your content from iCloud you'll need to download a copy of Ember from the Mac App Store (as that is the only version that supports iCloud).

Open the Mac App Store and go to the "Purchased" tab, you should be able to find and download Ember from there.

When you launch the Mac App Store version of Ember it will give you the option of using your iCloud Library. Your Mac should download all the images over the next few hours (could be longer depending on library size).

iCloud Issues

If you've just re-installed Ember, and need to get your Library from iCloud. You will need to leave your Mac on and running (leave Ember open too). Eventually your Mac/iCloud should download your Library from iCloud, this may take a long time depending on the size of your Library.

If nothing has appeard within a few hours try rebooting your Mac, this something kicks iCloud into downloading the data.

We recommend using a local library only, do not use Dropbox Sync or iCloud.

Locating your Library and Exporting your Images

You can find your Ember Library here:

~/Library/Group Containers/

If you've been using the alpha of Ember 2 your Library can be found here:

~/Library/Group Containers/

To open this location, press "Command-Shift-G" in the Finder and copy and past the above line into the window and press "Go".

A new window should appear showing your System Library files, and more specifically the EmberLibrary folder.

You can right-click on the Ember library and choose "Show Package Contents" to view the original images.

What about Ember 2?

RapidWeaver is very much our main focus at Realmac Software, however, we had hoped to be able to continue to develop and update Ember as a side-project when time permits. HOwever this turned out not to be the case. We can't say when or if we'll ever ship the final version. You are free to use the alpha of Ember 2 with all the usual caveats applied that come with running in-development software. 

This Alpha does not represent the final version of Ember, the UI and feature set will change. Consider this a work-in-progress snapshot. 

What's Changed:

  • Ember no longer supports RSS feeds
  • Annotation tools have been re-written from the ground-up.

What Works:

  • Library Managment (adding/removing/tagging)
  • Annotation Tools (Although they still need some more polish and refinement)
  • Built-in web snapping (just about)
  • Notes

What's Broken:

  • Snapping
  • System Menubar item
  • Share Menu
  • A lot of the UI
  • Lots and lots of little things.

You'll want to keep in mind that this is an alpha build and as such things will not work as expected and are subject to huge change. It's far from finished, and a lot of parts are pretty broken. Download Ember 2.0 Alpha 1 (28th September 2017)