Project Shortcuts

Command-Shift-N New Project
Command-O Open... (project from Finder)
Command-N Add Page...
Command-D Duplicate (Selected) Page
Command-Delete Remove (Selected) Page
Command-W Close Window
Command-S Save
Command-Shift-S Save As...
Command-Option-R Revert to Saved
Command-Shift-E Export Site...
Command-Shift-Option-E Export Changes to Default Folder
Command-Shift-K Publish Site...
Command-K Publishing Settings
Command-Shift-M Mark All Pages & Resources as Changed
Command-Shift-Option-M Mark All Pages & Resources as Unchanged
Command-P Preview Page in Default Browser
Command-Option-P Preview Page in... (opens list of browsers)


Formatting Shortcuts

Command-Option-V Paste Clipboard content as plain text
Command-Shift-Option-V Paste Clipboard content & match style (of existing content)
Command-V Paste
Command-B Bold selected text
Command-I Italicise selected text
Command-U Underline selected text
Command-plus (+) Increase size of selected text
Command-minus (-) Reduce size of selected text
Command-Shift-C Show Colours
Command-{ Align Left
Command-| (pipe-key) Centre Align
Command-} Align Right
Command-period (.) Ignore Formatting
Command-Option-period (.) Clear Formatting
Command-Shift-L Format selected text as a list


Other Shortcuts

Command-1 Project Settings
Command-2 Pages & Resources List
Command-Option-L Show Page List
Command-Option-T Show Themes
Command-4 Show Media Browser
Command-5 Show Snippets
Command-6 Show Bookmarks Manager
Command-7 Show Addons Manager
Command-Option-7 Reveal Addons Folder in Finder
Command-8 Show Health Check
Command-Shift-i Show / Hide Page Inspector
Command-Option-1 Jump to Page Inspector General settings*
Command-Option-2 Jump to Page Inspector Sidebar settings*
Command-Option-3 Jump to Page Inspector’s HTML Code & Meta Tags section*
Command-Option-4 Jump to Page Inspector Theme Variations section*
Command-Option-5 Jump to Page Inspector Page Options*
Command-R Preview Page
Command-Shift-R Reload Page in Preview
Command-Option-U View Source of Selected Page
Command-Control-F Enter/Exit Full Screen