RapidWeaver is an excellent choice for building your next website

RapidWeaver is an all-in-one Mac app that enables you to easily build modern, responsive websites. Whether it’s a small business website, online store, portfolio, or personal website, RapidWeaver allows you to do it faster than ever before without writing a single line of code.

At it’s heart RapidWeaver is basically a website management and templating system, with an easy to use interface. It excels at creating modern, static websites that the Google search engine loves!

RapidWeaver combines the code of a theme with the content from a page, provided by a plug-in. While the system is intended to be used as-is – meaning never looking at the underlying code – most theme designers and plugin developers produce code that is “tinkering friendly”. And by that we mean that it’s not compressed into a mass of gibberish.

RapidWeaver is one of the most well know web design app on the Mac. Best of all RapidWeaver grows with you, thanks to the vibrant third-party developer community.

You're in control

One of the big benefits of RapidWeaver is that your website project is stored locally as a document that you have full control of. You have 100% access, you can duplicate it, make backups, it's yours forever. It's completely private. We can't read it, or store it on our servers.

Online web site builders such as Wix and Squarespace store all your data online on their servers. If you lost access to your account you wouldn't be able to access your data, you'd loose everything. There's no such worry or risk with RapidWeaver, as you have everything store locally. 

With online services you have to pay a subscription fee to keep access to your project. If you stop paying for some online services they will delete your account and data.

As RapidWeaver runs locally on your Mac, you'll never have to worry about not being able to update your website due to server maintenance or downtime.

RapidWeaver Rocks!

Here's just a few of the many reasons to use RapidWeaver for building your next website.

  • RapidWeaver has been in constant development for almost 20 years and is stronger than ever.
  • RapidWeaver puts you in-control, don't rely on someone else too build your site!
  • RapidWeaver has a huge community of third-party developers and dedicated users around the world.
  • RapidWeaver is fast, like *really fast*.
  • RapidWeaver is always updated to support the latest Apple hardware and software giving you peace of mind knowing RapidWeaver will be there to handle your next project or client.
  • RapidWeaver can build websites offline, no need to have a constant internet connection (or worry about hitting the back button and loosing your work).
  • RapidWeaver is not subscription based.
  • When you purchase a copy of RapidWeaver it’s your to keep, forever.
  • You’re in control of your data (we don’t store it on our servers).
  • RapidWeaver runs locally so you never have to deal with server downtime or maintenance.
  • Never worry about your server being hacked and your data being deleted (you have it stored locally and can re-publish it anywhere).
  • You can easily choose and switch between hosts to get the best deal.
  • RapidWeaver produces statics websites by default, search engines love this!
  • RapidWeaver is a native Mac app, and works better alongside your other Mac apps (*****.app etc).
  • Built-in FTP publishing, so no need to buy and installer other apps to get your website online.
  • You can choose and switch between Hosts to get the best deal.
  • RapidWeaver produces statics websites by default, search engines love this!
  • Build a website without writing a line of code (or get your hands-dirty and add custom code), RapidWeaver supports it all. 
  • A wealth of documentation and tutorial videos to help you build great websites.