Getting started with Stacks

Stacks is a popular third-party plugin for RapidWeaver from YourHead software.

The Stacks plugin works with individual stacks (note the lowercase “s”) to create fluid, flexible and responsive layouts for RapidWeaver. There are also more than 800 stacks available from other developers, and they’re listed on the RapidWeaver Community website.

Stacks allows you to build modern, responsive web pages with simple drag and drop. Add columns, images, and content. It's ugly popular amongst RapidWeaver users, and gives you access to an extensive library of widgets allowing you to build anything.

Take a look at the video in this article to learn more about using Stacks inside RapidWeaver.

You can also visit the RapidWeaver community website to learn how adding Foundation or Foundry can let you build a website from scratch in RapidWeaver with Stacks.