Running multiple versions of RapidWeaver

When installing a new version of RapidWeaver, we’d recommend removing older versions of RapidWeaver from your Mac by placing them in the Trash.

However, if you’ve got some projects that you don’t want to migrate to the the latest version of RapidWeaver, you may well keep an older version on your Mac just in case.

When you have multiple copies of RapidWeaver on your Mac, you’ll need to take a slightly different approach when installing addons. This is because each version of RapidWeaver notifies macOS that it can accept the addons you wish to install, however it is macOS itself that determines which version of RapidWeaver to launch when you double-click on an addon.

To ensure addons are installed for use with your intended version of RapidWeaver, right- click on the addon, choose Open With... and choose the latest version of RapidWeaver.