Multiple users editing the same project

We'll briefly cover ideas and solutions here for multiple people needing to edit and work on the same project.

Ideally you'd use a content management system inside RapidWever. However, if you don't want to use a CMS in RapidWeaver, or already have some pre-built projects then you'll need to work out a way to share the Project files with people in your team.

Sharing Projects via Dropbox

You can use Dropbox to share your addons and project files. However you'll want to  make sure users “lock” the file before they edit it and unlock it when they are done. 

More details open locking and unlocking files using Dropbox can be found here: https://*****.com/files-folders/share/file-locking

If you do go this route please back-up your project(s). If multiple people edit the same file at the same time, and sync it with Dropbox corrupt your project files.

Using a Code Repository

This is technically a lot harder than using Dropbox, but there are benefits to it. 

All your projects could live in something like GitHub, (GitTower is a nice GUI client for this). This means anyone on your team can check out a project and check back in the changes.

Again, you’d have to watch out for conflicts. *****.g. It wouldn’t be a good idea for multiple people to work on the same project then all try and check back in changes. Again, just make sure only a single person edits and checks back in their project before the next user checks it out and edits it.

This scenario has the benefit of giving you a nice history of changes, and the ability to roll back to a previous version should you need too.