How our software licensing works

When you purchase a license for one of our products you get one full year (12-months) of updates and new features. The app and license is yours to keep after the 12 months is up, the application will continue to run forever, you just won't receive updates to it.

If you decide you want the latest version, you can purchase another year of updates and new features from our Online Store. As an existing customer, you'll receive a discount.

We don’t mind saying it, we’re not fans of subscription based pricing for apps. Just like you we pay for and use a lot of software, but we often find ourselves passing over apps with subscriptions attached to them. Like so many users out there, we have what is called "subscription fatigue".

We’ve spent many years thinking about the way to move forward with fair pricing. We didn’t want to make any rash decisions we’d regret. We watched, and we waited, and we think this is the best way forward.

We've opted to follow in the footsteps of some other user focused companies we admire, companies like BusyMac, Proxyman, and Panic to name a few. Our new licensing system is not subscription based.

With this new type of license scheme we don’t have to disappear for 6-12 months to develop the next big paid upgrade release. Instead, the app is continually evolving with new features and bug fixes. This kind of development cycle leads to users getting new features and fixes on a regular basis.

When you purchase directly from our online store, which offers you the same secure-buying experience as the app store, you're paying for a perpetual license that is yours to keep, forever.