Google Analytics

Knowing who visits your site can be incredibly useful. Now that we’ve published your site, let’s look at ways of measuring how the site is performing. Initially we’re looking to make sure visitors are coming to your site (and how they’re discovering it). To do this, we’re going to add some simple code snippets to your RapidWeaver project that allows you to view visitor statistics via either Google’s free Analytics service, or a free GoSquared analytics account that’s included with every copy of RapidWeaver.

If you’ve never used Google Analytics before, this *****.com guide explains the basics.

At the end of the Google Analytics registration process, you’ll be asked to add a site to your account. After entering your website address, Google will present you with the code that you need to carefully copy, and enter into RapidWeaver. 

You should place the code that Google provides into the Code item in the sidebar, under the Head sub-tab.

Google Webmaster Tools

While Google Analytics provides you with details of how people are using your website, Webmaster Tools is a free service that allows you to see any potential issues for search engines that visit your site. The service highlights potential issues with broken links, missing sitemaps, and dozens of other items that may impede your appearance in search engine results.