How to backup your project file

You should always make copies or backups of your RapidWeaver Project file as this is the master file for your entire website. It's super important. You don't want it stolen or accidentally deleted!

You have a few options to keep your site safe. First of all we'd recommend backing up with Time Machine. This is built into macOS, and you just need an external drive to backup too.

RapidWeaver also has a built-in FTP back-up feature that does a great job of backing up your project file to the cloud. You just need to switch this on in the publishing area inside RapidWeaver — This has saved countless peoples lost or stolen project files!

As well as using TimeMachine to back-up your Mac on-site. We'd recommend using a cloud backup service along side it. Our preferred solution is Arq, it's easy and cheap to set-up.