The difference between addons, plug-ins, and stacks

RapidWeaver is a very expandable and flexible piece of software. It supports many types of addons to allow you to build anything from a personal website to a complex online store. In this article we're going to go over the different styles of addons available.


This is an umbrella term used to refer to any third-party extras you add on to RapidWeaver. So addons include things like plug-ins and stacks, but also things like themes, snippets, and styles.

Plug-in (.rwplugin)

Plug-in: This is an add-on that changes the way RapidWeaver works by adding binary code. Plug-ins can fundamentally alter the way RapidWeaver operates (like PlusKit) but usually just add another page type (like a Blog or Photo Album) when you click the + Add button.

Stacks (.rwplugin)

Written capitalized and plural usually refers to the Stacks plug-in from Yourhead Software that allows you to build page layouts by stacking components on a page. The Stacks.rapidweaverplugin file lives in your RapidWeaver add-ons folder.

stack (.stack)

Written singular and lowercase this refers to one of the components for the Stacks plug-in. A stack can be something simple like a button or complex like a framework. A file like button.stack should go inside the Stacks folder which lives in your RapidWeaver add-ons folder.

Theme (.rwtheme or .rapidweavertheme)

A RapidWeaver theme are standalone addons that effect the look of your website. RapidWeaver comes with over 50 themes pre-installed, you can also download and buy themes from third-party developers.

Styles (.rwstyles)

Theme styles are a way to globally or on a per page basis change the way a theme looks. Styles often override colours, fonts, or layouts.

Snippets (.rapidweaversnippet)

Snippet files can be sections of code, or blocks of written content, you can even use them for general notes. Snippets are app wide and specific to a Project file. To reveal and share a Snippet you can right click on it in the Snippets window and select "Reveal Snippet" from the menu.

Visit the RapidWeaver Community website to browse all types of third-party addons for RapidWeaver.