We’re always updating RapidWeaver, to keep things running smoothly. However, if you do find yourself running into a problem with RapidWeaver, there are some very quick and easy ways to help diagnose what might be going on. 

As RapidWeaver supports third-party add-ons (such as plugins, stacks, and themes, which run within RapidWeaver) it’s important to be aware that Realmac Software cannot offer technical support for third-party add-ons and you’ll need to contact the developer directly for help.

With that out the way, follow these steps to narrow down what the issue might be:

  1. Launch RapidWeaver without any third-party add-ons enabled. Close RapidWeaver, and re-launch the app while holding the Option key. If the issue does not re-appear when not using any RapidWeaver add-ons, you may want to try uninstalling individual add-ons one at a time to figure out which addon developer to contact.

2. Make sure you’re running the latest version of RapidWeaver. You can re-download RapidWeaver from the Realmac Software web site at any time, and we strongly recommend that you keep RapidWeaver up to date.

3. Make sure that your plugins are up to date. The RapidWeaver > Check for Updates option checks for updates to both RapidWeaver and any third-party plugins - RapidWeaver also checks for updates on launch.

4. Use the latest version of OS X. Every release of OS X sees performance and stability improvements, and we recommend that you use the newest version of OS X supported by your copy of RapidWeaver.5. Consider enabling beta updates. We regularly post new pre-release betas of RapidWeaver with new features, fixes, and enhancements, and it may well be that we’ve already fixed your problem! You can use the Updates preference pane to opt-in.

6. When reporting an issue using the built-in Problem Reporter, include your contact details. The Realmac team is constantly checking problem reports sent in, and on occasion, we may need to contact you about a problem report - either to request some further details or to offer you some suggestions. We aim to reply to as many problem reports as we can. To help us locate individual issues for our attention, the problem reporter analyses and groups incoming reports, helping us identify the most important items. Because of the automated grouping that occurs, it may be that you don’t hear from us if a problem is already being worked on.

7. Visit the Realmac Community Forums - there may well be some extra information (or a fix) available! If a particular addon causes a problem either with your site or the performance of RapidWeaver, you should notify the developer of the addon so that they can investigate.

Contacting Realmac Software

Simply drop us email at [email protected] with your bug report and we'll do all we can to get it fixed, and get you back up and running.

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