If you're using  SiteLok with RapidWeaver 7 you may sometimes see a php error locally.

This is a byproduct of RapidWeaver 7 having a new preview system that supports PHP (it now runs a local web server). In RapidWeaver 6 you have to upload/copy the SiteLok php scripts to your server and publish before it would work as it wouldn't do anything useful in Preview mode.

SiteLok works as it always has done - on a remote web server. So while you won't be able to preview a site with SiteLok enabled in RapidWeaver 7, everything will work as expected once it's online.

Our suggested workaround would be to build the site in RapidWeaver and then add SiteLok at the very end once you've finished the it.

We recently added a new option to RapidWeaver in the General Preferences to enable and disable local PHP rendering. This will allow you to add SiteLok to your website and run a local preview without error.

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