There's an issue that's popped up from time to time where a project file would be stuck in a loop with the ' Apply Theme & Open ' dialogue.

This issue can be caused by a couple of different things, but it’s usually a result of an external influence from Mac OS or an app (Mac cleaning utility, etc).

Basically, important files (.plist files) in the RapidWeaver projects are being corrupted or renamed.

Fortunately, the project files are usually salvageable, but it does require a few manual steps. I will say that there’s a slight percentage of files that are just not recoverable, and you’d have to get any other copy of the project possible (backups, etc).

In summary, you’ll be doing the following:

  1. Duplicate/backup your project file, then right-click and select “show package contents”
  2. Switch Finder to “Side view” where items are listed vertically
  3. Rename the .plist file to “Contents.plist”
  4. Search for .plist files, and make sure the project is selected and not “on this Mac”
  5. You’ll need to go to each corrupted / weirdly named individual file and rename to Contents.plist - if there is a duplicate file, delete one of them (oldest date modified, et)

Now close out those windows and go back to the project file and it should open just fine.

If you're experiencing this issue and the above didn't work, drop us a line at [email protected]

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