No matter which version of RapidWeaver you’re upgrading from, RapidWeaver 7 has a host of new features. Here’s how to make the move!

Upgrading from RapidWeaver 6 to RapidWeaver 7

  1. Launch RapidWeaver 7. You’ll receive a notification that your add-ons are being copied, and another when your add-ons have been copied. Your preferences from RapidWeaver6 (including licenses for plugins such as Stacks) will automatically be copied to RapidWeaver 7.
  2. Once your add-ons have been copied, locate your RapidWeaver 6 project file in the Finder - it’ll have a .rw6 extension. Right-click (that’s Ctrl - Click to the longer-term Mac users out there!) on the project.
  3. Choose Open With… and choose RapidWeaver 7.
  4. RapidWeaver 7 will copy the contents of your old project into a new .rw file - this is a file specifically for RapidWeaver 7, and you should make sure you open this project file in future. Your new .rw file will be created in the same location as your RapidWeaver 6 project file, and the original will be left untouched.

Upgrading from RapidWeaver 5 to RapidWeaver 7

When upgrading from RapidWeaver 5 or earlier, you’ll need to download a copy of RapidWeaver 5.4.1 to your Mac and be running OS X Yosemite or newer. RapidWeaver 5.4.1 is a free download, and you can use the demo version to get your projects ready for RapidWeaver 7 - there’s no need to enter a license.

  1. Make sure that any third-party plugins you use in RapidWeaver 5 are up to date - the RapidWeaver Community website can help with this. When you download any available plugin updates, make sure you choose versions for RapidWeaver 5. RapidWeaver 5 plugins have a .rwplugin file extension.
  2. Open your older project files (either with a .rwsw or .rwp extension) with RapidWeaver 5.4.1, and then save the project, to ensure it’s in a format that RapidWeaver 7 can read.
  3. Download the latest version of RapidWeaver 7 from the Realmac Software website, and move it to your Applications folder.
  4. Launch RapidWeaver 7, and when asked whether you’d like to copy your add ons click Copy Add-ons. RapidWeaver will copy over your themes, stacks, theme styles and other add-ons. Recent projects will not be copied over, as RapidWeaver 7 is a new app, and OS X only tracks recent projects as they are opened with each different app.
  5. When your add-ons have been copied, you’ll receive a notification via Notification Centre, and can then use the View menu’s Manage Addons option to verify everything is in place. Click on the Plugins filter to see the plugins that are installed. If any of your plugins are missing, visit the RapidWeaver Community website download the latest version. RapidWeaver 7-compatible plugins have a .rapidweaverplugin file extension - plugins with a .rwplugin extension are not supported.
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