Optimizing the file size of your images shouldn’t mean making them grainy or blurred. Dropping your images into Squash maintains their existing quality while reducing file size and saving space!

What Does Squash Do?

Squash can compress JPG's, PNG's and GIF's to reduce the file size. This is perfect for web based images.

Squash can also convert RAW, PSD, and TIFF files into JPG's. Not only will it convert them it will also run the same compression too.


Squash has a super simple interface, you literally drag and drop the images you want to convert onto the Squash window and it'll start to convert them.


Here's a quick run down on what each option does within Squash.

PNG Compression: Switching this on will enable a different type of compression. It will compress your file further, but it is much slower. 

PNG compression can generally be very slow. Much, much slower than JPG compression.

JPG Quality: This setting allows you to adjust the quality and compression amount. 100% is the best quality JPG image, with the least amount of compression. The lower you go with this setting the more Squash will compress the image, and in turn, you'll start to see image artefacts. This is especially true once you start going below 50%. 

Automatically Save Files To: This option allows you to specify where your files will be saved when compression is complete. It supports "Always Ask", "Original Location", and "Other…" allowing you to pick any folder on your Mac.

Apply a suffix to the saved file. e.g. filename-squashed.jpg

Sounds: Enable and disable the interface sounds. (We love the sounds, but we also know it's not to everyone's' taste!)

Hints & Tips

Once your images have been compressed you can actually drag them from the "Save" button to wherever you'd like. This handy shortcut avoids the need to navigate the pesky save dialogue!

Squash can also convert and compress RAW, PSD, and TIF files into JPG's.

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