RapidWeaver Password Protection

Video training course teaching you how to password protect any RapidWeaver site.

Easy to follow

Easy to follow videos explain everything step-by-step.

Expert Tuition

Instructor with over 15 years experience building for the web and RapidWeaver

Protect Your Content

Quickly and easily add user logins to any RapidWeaver site.

Password Protect Your RapidWeaver Site

Invest 30 minutes of your time and learn how to password protect your RapidWeaver site.

Password protect your site today

Add User Logins to RapidWeaver

If you need to protect content on your RapidWeaver site, this is the course for you! You'll have a multi-user login system added in under 10 minutes.

Single User Login

Just need a simple login form for a client? No problem!

Multi User Login

Add multiple users, each with unique logins, to your site.

Secure Content

Quickly and easily secure just one, or all, of your site’s pages.

It’s Easy

Adding a login to your site is easy, just follow along.

No Unwanted Guests

Keep prying eyes away from any or all of your site’s content.

All Page Types

Add logins to both built-in plugins and Stacks pages.

Simple User Logins or Advanced Memberships Systems…

This course teaches you three different ways to add user logins to your site.

1. htaccess

The htaccess lesson shows how to add a login for free.

2. Page Safe

Learn how to use the Page Safe stacks for multi-user logins.

3. Sitelok Memberships

Integrate Sitelok for advanced user management.

RapidWeaver CMS Coursel

RapidWeaver Password Protection

Learn how to add user logins to your RapidWeaver site.


About The Instructor

Ben Counsell is a developer at Realmac who has fifteen years of experience building for the web. He runs the RapidWeaver Community and co-hosts The RapidWeaver Show podcast. In this series Ben shares his unique insight in to RapidWeaver and Web Development.

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