Build Responsive Websites With RapidWeaver

The RapidWeaver Foundry Course will teach you how to free yourself from the constraints of traditional themes, and build custom designed responsive websites with Foundry, the BootStrap powered free-form framework from Elixir. You'll learn how to build beautifully designed responsive websites.

  • Responsive
    Create responsive websites that look great on everything from an iPhone to a 5K display.
  • Advanced Layouts
    Learn advanced ways to adjust the structure and layout of your content.
  • Interactive Content
    Make content popup or appear as your vistors click and scroll through your site.
  • Beautiful
    Learn how to build beautiful websites using the latest web design techniques.
  • Powered By BootStrap
    Foundry is powered by BootStrap, the world's most popular web framework.
  • Much More
    Galleries, banners, custom styling, Stacks, tips, tricks, and a whole lot more!

The RapidWeaver Foundry course has everything you need to build a beautiful, responsive website in just a couple of hours. This course was designed to help you build amazing websites with RapidWeaver.

Build The Website You've Always Wanted

Take your site building to the next level and learn how to break free from the constraints of traditional theme-based designs. You'll create a custom designed responsive website in just a couple of hours. The RapidWeaver Foundry course shows you how to build the website you've always wanted.

Design Your Own Site

Have you ever wished that the theme you chose looked slightly different? Or that it's missing a feature? If so, then you need to watch this course as you'll learn how to go beyond traditional theme-based site designs, and create websites that work exactly how you want them to.

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Digital Downloads

Mobile Friendly

Building sites that work on iPhones, iPads, and retina displays is hard. After watching this course you'll have the knowledge, and confidence, to build responsive websites that look amazing and work perfectly on every device.

Beautiful By Default

Worried that you'll have to spend hours customising default styling and settings? Well you don't have to — every Foundry element has been beautifully designed, meaning you can just drag-and-drop the content you want, where you want and everything will look amazing.

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Interactive Content

Grab visitor's attention with animated content. Create interactive slideshows. Add popover modals. Smoothly scroll the browser window to any section of the page. You'll find out how to do all this and more, in just a few clicks.

Advanced Layouts

Sick of the basic “header and two column” layout? Foundry's stack elements are responsive by default, but offer advanced settings that give you the power to create the types of layouts that simply aren't possible when using a tradition theme.

Modern, Mobile Store

Made For Everyone

If you're building your first site, don't be scared — this course will walk you through everything you need to know to get a responsive website online. If you're an experienced Weaver then this course will teach you about the benefits of switching over to a framework-based theme and stacks set.

Know Your Stacks

This course will teach you how to use Stacks, the popular addon from YourHead Software. We'll cover everything from the basics, such as organise your library, to advanced features like partials. You’ll see how easy it is to create unique page layouts in RapidWeaver with Stacks.

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Built On BootStrap

Foundry is powered by BootStrap, the world's most popular frontend framework, meaning you get all the benefits of a fully tested, responsive framework alongside RapidWeaver's powerful drag-and-drop interface.

Level Up On RapidWeaver

This entire course is dedicated to teaching you how to build amazing websites with RapidWeaver. You'll pickup some handy tips and tricks to speedup your daily workflow, watch as we cover some advanced features, and see how we use RapidWeaver in-house to build websites.

Build an Audiance

More More More

If that's not enough for you then you’ll also learn about: RapidWeaver basics, adding full page banners, customising your site's navigation, creating image galleries, drop-down content, adding resources, and publishing your site to your domain name.

RapidWeaver Foundry Tutorials

The RapidWeaver Foundry course is a set of expert video tutorials that teach you how to build responsive websites in RapidWeaver using Foundry from Elixir. This is an exclusive training course dedicated to teaching you how to build an amazing website.

  • Getting Started With Foundry 25 mins
  • Respsonsive Features 18 mins
  • Page Layouts 27 mins
  • Advanced Layouts And Interactive Content 31 mins
  • Additional Pages 14 mins
  • Globals Settings And Publishing 16 mins

RapidWeaver Foundry Course

A set of easy to follow videos that teach you how to build responsive websites with RapidWeaver and Foundry


About The Instructor

Ben Counsell is a developer at Realmac who has fifteen years of experience building for the web. He runs the RapidWeaver Community and co-hosts The RapidWeaver Show podcast. In this series Ben shares his unique insight in to RapidWeaver Web Development to help you build an amazing online store.

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