How to add online editing to RapidWeaver

The RapidWeaver CMS Course will teach you how to add online editing to any RapidWeaver site. You'll learn how easy it is to allow clients to login and update their website without having to contact you.

  • Easy Setup
    No complicated setup process, just publish as normal. You'll be editing online in miunutes.
  • Responsive Banners
    Learn how to create responsive, parallax image banners that can be updated online.
  • Image Galleries
    Add dynamic image galleries and sliders to your page — new images are automatically added.
  • Client Login
    Handoff sites to you clients so they can login via a web browser and update their site themselves.
  • Update Anywhere
    The dashboard area allows you to login from any device and update your sites.
  • Much More
    Edit individual headers, paragraphs, images, buttons, embedded videos, and more!

Our professionally recorded video tutorials walk you through exactly how to add online editing to any RapidWeaver website. This course was designed to help you and your clients edit RapidWeaver sites online.

Build In RapidWeaver. Edit Anywhere.

Take your business to the next level and start adding online editing to your RapidWeaver built websites. These expert video tutorials will show how to quickly add online editing to entire pages or sections of content. Best of all, there's no complicated setup — you'll create and publish your sites via RapidWeaver as normal.

Build Sites With RapidWeaver

Adding online editing can seem daunting, but you'll learn how you can continue to build websites in RapidWeaver as you already do. All of RapidWeaver's amazing features will still be available to you, and you'll publish the site in the same way you do now.

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Add online editing

You'll be able to choose which sections of the site can be edited online. This means you can give as much, or as little, control to your clients as you wish. And you can always convert content to be editable at a later date.

No Fuss Setup

It might sound too good to be true, but there's no complicated setup. You don' need to worry about databases, setting update users, or installing anything on your server. Simply add a folder to RapidWeaver resources area, and you're done. It's almost too good to be true!

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Edit Anywhere

The beautiful responsive admin area allows you to login via any web browser and quickly update your site. Because it's responsive, you can also login via a table or mobile phone and update on the go.


The modern, feature rich WYSIWYG editor gives you a Word-like editing area where you can style text as bold, italic, and add headers and links easily. It also supports images — just drag-and-drop directly on to the editor, and you image will be added to the page.

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Advanced Edited Available

Some content requires special attention. For those situations, you learn how to add a "special block" of content that gives you complete control over the outputted HTML. Handy for the more advanced, web-savvy users who need more control.

Dynamic Banner Areas

Want to online editable, full page, parallax scrolling banners? This course will teach how to add that to RapidWeaver in a matter of minutes. Online editing doesn't have to be complicated, we'll show you how.

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Convert Or Start Afresh

You don't need to rebuild anything to add online editing to your RaidWeaver Sites. You'll learn how to convert an existing site to be online editable. This course also shows you how to start a new site, and add editing from the get-go.

Level Up On RapidWeaver

This entire course is dedicated to teaching you how to build amazing websites with RapidWeaver. You'll pickup some handy tips and tricks to speedup your daily workflow, watch as we cover some advanced features, and see how we use RapidWeaver in-house to build websites.

Build an Audiance

More More More

If that's not enough for you then you’ll also learn about: Foundry, Stacks, RapidWeaver's resources area, smart publishing, .htaccess tips, adding custom CSS, and other general workflow tricks.

RapidWeaver CMS Tutorials — How to add online editing.

The RapidWeaver CMS course is a set of expert video tutorials that teach you how to add online editing to RapidWeaver. This is an exclusive training course dedicated to teaching you how to build an amazing website that can edited online.

  • Setup and Configuration 15 mins
  • Editing Text and Images 18 mins
  • Editing Image galleries, sliders, and banners 27 mins
  • Advanced Editing 31 mins
RapidWeaver CMS Course

RapidWeaver CMS Course

A set of easy to follow videos that teach you how to add online editing to any RapidWeaver website. This course requires Pulse CMS & Stacks.

All RapidWeaver CMS students can create a free 30 day trial Pulse CMS account — this is an exclusive discount. Details on how to claim this free trial are included in the course.


About The Instructor

Ben Counsell is a developer at Realmac who has fifteen years of experience building for the web. He runs the RapidWeaver Community and co-hosts The RapidWeaver Show podcast. In this series Ben shares his unique insight in to RapidWeaver Web Development to help you add online editing to RapidWeaver.

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